The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
A Princely Gift
  • Word Count: 20,212
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-02-5

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A Princely Gift

Set in Ancient Japan, two young men, separated by the nearly impassable boundaries of class and station, come together in a powerful liaison of sexual exploration and passion. The sensibility of the tale is lushly romantic, with the delicate restraint of a Japanese ink painting on silk. This is an at times tender, at times incendiary love story between men who dare to defy convention as they fulfill their romantic destiny.

Previously published in Thunder Mouth Press' Anthology: Zowie! It's Yaoi! © 2006


Kisho lay on a bed for the first time in his life. Perhaps it was not the bed of a king, but it was certainly thicker and softer than the mat upon which he had slept all his life. His heart was pounding in his throat. He hoped he had stopped trembling. The prince was very kind and had put him at ease - as much at ease as he could be in the situation.

How easy it had been that first night, when Yukio was not a prince, but a golden spirit moving through his dreams. How simple it had been to accept the gift of his skilled touch upon Kisho's body.

His cock rose hungrily at the recollection. Kisho found he was curious what it would be like to taste another man as Yukio had done. Could he possibly deliver the same intense pleasure?...

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What a magnificent book! Set in ancient Japan, the story is told as delicately as the Japanese draw on rice paper. Descriptions of the characters were wonderful and I enjoyed them immensely. The sexual encounters seemed so real to me even though...

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A Princely Gift by Claire Thompson is a homoerotic historical story based in ancient Japan... Ms. Thompson has written an incredible story with unique characters who come to life for the reader... It was fascinating to watch Yukio, the prince of...


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