The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Blind Faith
  • Word Count: 14,592
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-48-3

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Blind Faith

Aidan retreats into a world of quiet determination when a car accident leaves him without his sight. Enter Zane Wilde, an older lover who refuses to let Aidan withdraw into the darkness of his soul. With sexual mastery, Zane pulls Aidan into a new light of touch and sensation, taking the blinded man to new heights of sensual experience.

Zane's wanderlust never lets him stay in one place for long enough to let his heart be captured. He's unprepared for the passion Aidan brings back into his life, or the choices now facing him. Zane's wild gypsy blood is simmering, forcing them both to choose in matters of the heart.


Aidan Byrne, blind. Zane tried to get his mind around the concept as he drove toward Aidan's new neighborhood. He'd thought about Aidan a lot while he'd been in Europe. He'd even considered calling but had never managed to pull it off. He preferred to connect with people in real time - to reappear in their lives when they least expected it.

The last time they'd been together Aidan had quietly asked what they were doing. Zane had pretended not to understand. He knew Aidan was in love with him, knew he wanted more than Zane had felt, at the time, able to give. It wasn't that he didn't love Aidan - he'd always loved Aidan. It was a resistance to the conventional, to "settling down" with any one person. He had laughed, reminding Aidan of...

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When you meet someone, you step out on Blind Faith. You never know what that person is willing to do, or for that matter, if your happiness is a true consideration... Blind Faith was engaging with lessons on love and commitment. Claire Thompson...

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