The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Cast a Lover's Spell
  • Word Count: 70,426
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-22-3

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Cast a Lover's Spell

Paul Windsor weaves spells of passion over mortal women, taking the pleasure he desires while leaving them breathless and longing for more. When the sexy warlock enters the thoughts of an emotionally vulnerable young widow, Anne Kaliner, he is entranced in spite of her seeming indifference to his charms.

Anne, lost in a world of grief and self-pity, resists Paul's insistent and magical attentions. But as Anne is drawn into Paul's secret world, she never dreams that her newfound magical knowledge could save her from dark forces intent on holding her hostage.

Passion, sensual surrender and magic weave together to create a fiery love story between the warlock and the mortal as they learn that life without risk, and most especially without love, is no life at all.


"What's the matter, Paul?" she finally asked, "You look like you've lost an old friend."

"I've lost a new one," he answered ruefully.

When he didn't elaborate, Amelia said. "It's that girl again, isn't it? The one you wanted me to track for you in the orb?"

Too miserable to deny it, Paul nodded. He waited for the barrage of teasing taunts as Amelia chided him for getting his heart tangled up with a mortal woman. Instead she was quiet a while. When she finally spoke she said, "I was in love once, with a mortal man."

Paul looked up in surprise. Amelia in love? Impossible. She saw his disbelief and laughed. "Don't tell anyone - I'll just deny it. I met him in 1732 at the French royal court. You weren't even born yet, for...

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Its love at first sight for Paul, a warlock, but widowed Anne still needs to recover from her loss. With a little help by witchcraft Anne learns what it is to be worshiped by a lover, and believe it or not, --- she likes it! …Claire Thompson has...


Night Owl Romance

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Cast a Lover's Spell
  • Page Count: 294 Pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-4495-4677-9

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