The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you
Continuum of Desire
  • Word Count: 15,200
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-51-3

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Continuum of Desire

Tom Goodwin has kept his secret sexual fantasies about James Sutherland just that-secret. James Sutherland has always considered himself straight as an arrow. His occasional male erotic fantasies can easily be explained away as merely bi-curious passing thoughts.

When a situation at works throws them together unexpectedly, Tom finds the man of his dreams in his sensual grasp at last. The action is spicy hot as Tom helps James to confront his secret longings. And along the continuum of sexual longing they have the chance to discover something forever lasting-true love.


Thoughts were obliterated as they moved closer, James dipping his head, his eyes closing, his lips parting. Barely allowing himself to believe this was happening, Tom felt James' soft lips touch his own. He wanted to keep his eyes open, to stay on guard for both of them, but despite himself his lids fluttered shut, his heart beating against James' as they kissed.

It wasn't a long kiss-just a few seconds before James pulled away, and Tom of course let him. They stood staring at one another for a few moments. Tom felt his cock unfolding in his underwear, uncomfortably bent as his balls tightened with desire. Could this be real? He waited for James to come to his senses-to cry out in horror, to scream for Tom to get the fuck out of his...

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This fascinating short story has a believable plot and some very realistic explorations of the two main characters. They are delineated as three-dimensional individuals, with a very understanding and sympathetic touch. I highly recommend this one.



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