The sensuality of erotic submission awaits you

BDSM Connections 1

  • Word Count: 63,400
  • ISBN: 978-1-937337-83-4

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Secrets protect…but they also destroy.

BDSM Writers Con Winner BDSM Writers Con Nominee

Allie Swift has a secret—one that has kept her from finding a Dom willing to take her where she longs to go, far beyond the slap-and-tickle approach of BDSM-lite, into the deep reaches of true sadomasochism.

When she meets Liam on a BDSM personals site, she senses he’s different from the Doms she has been with before. His darkly compelling nature speaks directly to her submissive heart.

Liam Byrne had it all—a great career, a hot body, and a submissive fiancée.  That is, until a year ago when a head-on collision with a drunk driver shattered not only his leg, but also his life. Now Liam harbors an ominous secret, one that’s tearing him apart and causing him to hold the world, including Allie Swift, at arm’s length.

As the intensity of their D/s exploration increases, Liam and Allie must confront their fears. Together they must decide if the bond they share is strong enough to survive bringing their secrets to light.

Secrets is the first novel in Claire Thompson’s new edgy BDSM romance series: BDSM Connections. Prepare for a powerful, emotional experience.


“You want to be fucked, don’t you?” Sir Liam said in a low voice, reading her mind.

“Yes,” Allie breathed. “God, yes.”

“In my dungeon, you have to earn your pleasure.”

All at once, he gripped her throat, his forefinger and thumb digging into the soft flesh just below her jaw. His face was close, his brilliant green eyes locked on hers as he pressed hard, and harder still.

Allie was unable to draw a breath. Unable to move. Her heart thumped and squeezed in her chest, the blood roaring in her ears. Liam moved closer, their faces nearly touching. “I own you, sub Allie. Your very life is in my hands. You do understand that, don’t you?”

Allie was unable even to nod her head. The pressure was building behind her face, and she...

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This book was fantastically amazing from beginning to end. I was completely spellbound by the submission and live the characters showed one another through out the story. Claire Thompson has a way of bringing words to life!



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