Lara\'s Submission
Lara's Submission
  • Word Count: 59,605
  • ISBN: 9781937337315

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From the fertile minds of J.W. McKenna and Claire Thompson comes this loving and powerful tale of domination and submission, told from both points of view!

Some women are drawn to the darkness in their soul, a darkness that tells them to submit. Lara listens to this voice, finally daring to share her secret with her husband Charlie with disastrous results. A marriage already on the brink is pushed over the edge with her submissive revelations.

Devastated, she flees into the arms of Michael, her dominant online friend and potential lover.

Michael longs for what Lara offers, eager for her to become his sensual slave.

They begin a dance of domination and submission, which both thrills and scares Lara. When Charlie resurfaces, pledging to try to understand her needs, Lara doubts herself. Can she and Charlie find their way back? Or should she stay with Michael, though she fears where it may lead?

Explore with Lara and Michael, as each tells their story, chapter by chapter with their own unique voice. Enjoy a tale of sensual awakening, woven into the classic themes of love lost and romantic redemption.

Read Excerpt at Claire Thompson's webpage.

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