Slave Castle
Slave Castle
  • Word Count: 62,563
  • ISBN: 9781937337636

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When Marissa Winston arrives at the splendid mansion, sent by her wealthy lover, Tom Reed, for a two-week intensive training program in submission, bondage and discipline, she mistakenly thinks her beauty and seductive powers will give her an easy pass.

Trainer Aaron Sterling isn't easily seduced by the women he trains at Slave Castle. Though he is challenged by the sassy, sexy Marissa, he is determined to bend her to his will, impervious to her attempts at manipulation and her feminine wiles - or so he tells himself.

Marissa enjoys light BDSM play but is in no way prepared for the all-encompassing slave training that tests every sexual and submissive limit she has, and then some. Aaron systematically breaks down every defense, stripping Marissa to her essence and revealing the sensual, submissive nature she has hidden from everyone, including herself.

When Tom decides to break things off, Marissa realizes her ego is more bruised than her heart and love never entered the equation with Tom. The training under Aaron's masterful hand has wrought a change in everything Marissa once thought she knew about her deepest needs and desires. Is Marissa falling under the spell of a man whose heart seems wrapped in ice, a man who might even be incapable of love?

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