Slave Girl
Slave Girl
  • Word Count: 38,093
  • ISBN: 9781937337285

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Jill is a naughty girl who can't keep her panties on. When her husband, Barry, discovers her infidelities, he takes the situation firmly in hand. What starts as a spanking for his naughty girl degenerates into a rape that stuns them both with its sexual power.

The couple begins an exploration of the dark world of submission, bondage and discipline. Taken under the wing of a master Dominant, Barry begins to train his slave girl to serve his every whim. From slut to whore to slave, Barry forces his wife to endure humiliation and servitude, narrowing the focus of her life to sex and suffering at his hand.

Jill comes to live for the lash and the cock. Still it isn't enough for Barry, who introduces the master Dominant, Paul, who has coached him from afar. When Paul physically enters their lives, the lines between dominance and submission blur, as Barry is forced to give his slave girl to Paul. Without the soft cover of love, Paul is determined to break down any resistance to total submission. He leads them down a dark and dangerous road where the slave is stripped of humanity, and exists solely as an object for use and abuse. Paul's explosive presence threatens to tear their lives apart. Will love be enough to get them through?

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