Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay

Finding Chandler
Finding Chandler
  • Word Count: 11,917
  • ISBN: 9781937337056
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It started as a joke. Several guys burned by love decided to create a club that they dubbed the Solitary Knights - promising each other they would have nothing to do with love, preferring to play the field and keep their hearts intact.

One night, Drew Kensington, owner of the pub where the guys meet, issues a challenge, "Why don't you find that one guy - the one that got away, the one you've never quite let fade from your dreams? Track him down. Reconnect. Then come back here and tell us what you found out."

And so it began, the tales of the Solitary Knights. What will they find on their adventures into the past? Stop by Pelham Bay Pub to hear their stories.

Eric Moore seeks out the guy who had been his college lover, the one who had promised to wait forever for Eric to return, but Eric never did... until now. The man he discovers isn't the boy he left behind so long ago... Will finding Chandler mean finding love at last?

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