Our Man Friday
Our Man Friday
  • Word Count: 60,958
  • ISBN: 9781937337797

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Cassidy fights the lingering feelings for her ex, Ian. Still secretly, desperately in love with him, she settles for sharing a house and a business. Their lives are intertwined in every way--except the way she wants most.

Fear of commitment drove Ian to push their romance into the friendship zone. But things become decidedly uncomfortable when sexy Scotsman Kye McClellan enters the picture. Ian is faced with the sudden prospect of losing the thing most precious to him.

As both Cassidy and Ian succumb to Kye’s charms, Cassidy begins to wonder if she can have all she's ever wanted...plus one. Then, just as things get white-hot, Kyes takes to his feet to avoid the burn. Ian and Cassidy are left with each other...and an even bigger missing piece than before. All they can do is trust that love will somehow bring their gypsy-hearted lover home again.

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