If You Dare...

  • Word Count: 40,105
  • ISBN: 9781937337056

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In this deeply disturbing and twisted tale, a young woman is abducted, only to be tortured and degraded to the point that she loses her identity. Jane becomes 'frog' - a sexual object to be used and humiliated through an endless series of perverted tortures devised by two fiendish sadists who will stop at nothing to debase and break her down. Come with her on a journey into the erotic depths of torture and terror - if you dare.

This is perhaps Claire Thompson's darkest effort to date. Going beyond the usual exploration of submission and sexual desire, we are drawn into a world where sensuality is blurred and splattered by the harsh brush of abuse. Where deprivation and starvation are used as tools of subjugation, along with sexual torture and constant stimulation. Where ropes and chains bound a helpless woman and her body is forced to endure sexual torture while her mind is emptied of all she knew before she was renamed as 'frog.'

The exploration is as much a matter of the mind and soul as of the body. We are secret witnesses to this depraved and shocking tale, but we see not only the sexual detail of what frog is forced to undergo; we get a chance to get into the psyches of the torturers and the tortured. We come to understand that it isn't always a matter of black and white, of good and evil. The blurred edges where pain becomes pleasure, and where fear becomes release leave us with a gray confusion of desire and shame. It is a deeply exciting look at perversion and degradation and ultimately at redemption.

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