If You Dare...

Golden Angel
Golden Angel
  • Word Count: 62,107
  • ISBN: 9781937337100

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Immerse yourself in a classic tale of erotic abduction and redemption. Follow the adventures of Laura Sidel, from her induction as slave number seven, through a harrowing journey of intensive training and sexualization. Laura is prepared for the highest echelons of a secret society dedicated to producing the finest slaves money can buy. Through each stage of her training, Laura is taken deeper into the dark world of control and submission. Finally deemed ready for auction, she is sold to the highest bidder, who gives her an ultimatum she cannot refuse. Presented as a gift, Laura is forced to walk a delicate, dangerous balance between subjugation and a growing attraction to the man who would own her. As the lines blur between enslavement and freedom, Laura is faced with the greatest risk of all - love.

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