Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay

Switching Gears
Switching Gears
  • Word Count: 18,026
  • ISBN: 9781937337162
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Jack told himself love was for losers, what he really needed was someone strong enough to show him the truth...

Jack Harris, a tattooed auto mechanic with roguish good looks, prides himself on being impervious to love. When challenged to reconnect with the one that got away, Alexei was the first to come to Jack's mind. It's been years since Jack walked away from the traditional leather scene, its rigid rules and conventions too confining for a man used to taking who and what he wants. Though they've lost contact over the years, he's always maintained respect and affection for his old mentor and scene partner, Alexei, the only man he ever trusted completely. Alexei hones in on Jack's anger and restlessness, with the same uncanny knack he always had. Alexei says he has the cure... Jack isn't so sure.

Marcos Savakis watches with disdainful amusement as Jack boasts of his sexual conquests at the monthly meetings of the Solitary Knights. Marcos has spent years in the scene, training submissives to serve others, his heart insulated from the process. At the request of a dying friend, he reluctantly accepts a new charge to train. The man he discovers waiting on his knees is the last person he would have ever expected, and the first person to touch his heart.

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