Polar Reaction
Polar Reaction

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Date Added: 04/01/2016 by Stephanie
Here is my honest review of Claire Thompson's book, Polar Reaction. I hope I do it justice as I loved this book.

She draws you into the story from the very beginning. As the three scientists, are waiting for rescue they are drawn to each other for comfort and support during their stressful circumstance.

My heart felt like it was in a vise as Brendan wrestled with his sexuality and tried to come to grips with his attraction to the two other men. His whole life he always identified himself as being straight, even though he was initially attracted to Tuck on a previous assignment the year before. So to be attracted to his two fellow scientists was a real struggle for him while they were stranded. The emotional turmoil Brendan puts Tuck and Jamie through as he tries to figure himself out is heartbreaking.

As far as the sex scenes go, these men are hot together. Very exciting and will get your heart pumping.

I love these three men and their journey to their happy ending. I totally recommend this book. It has a HEA, first-time experience, m
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Polar Reaction
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