Surrender to Me
Surrender to Me

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Date Added: 11/19/2016 by Havan
Let me start by saying that first chapter…wow. Talk about investing me in a character and forcing me to want to read more.

It was my pleasure to meet Rylee and Tag in Surrender to Me.

Tag is an adorable (hope he forgives me for saying that lol) character who professionally walks the line of a self-confident Dom who ironically lacks the confidence to see himself as anybody’s ‘special someone’. It’s sad, truly, because he is oozing with sex appeal and personality, but has accepted the fact that fast hook-ups in a sex club are the best he deserves.

Now Rylee…I love a good female lead with backbone and brains. But she has her own line she is walking and not aware of. The way she laughed off the D/s relationship even while ultimately needing just that.

Like all of Claire Thompson’s books, the scenes are well written with a plot that encourages you to read just one more chapter tonight and the sex is much like an afternoon in Florida—hot and sweaty. I love how she grabs me and puts me in the action.

I’ve suddenly got a hankering for some apple cider and apple cake. Read the book and you’ll wanna join me.
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